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Women, Behave. Don’t Ever Try to Lead Men.

I was reflecting on the pelvic denominations, those focused on abortion, gays and birth control, and realized something.  For about 40 years, I was a member of Methodist and Presbyterian churches.  Because I was in local politics, I also attended churches … Continue reading

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It’s Tough For Atheism to be the Majority.

Even though several European countries, which used to be dominated by Christianity, now poll majorities in unbelief, it’s difficult to see how the U. S. could become a majority secular nation.  It seems like our ego is just too large. … Continue reading

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If One Cannot Believe, Can He Get a Pass From Hell?

“When I think about religion at all, I feel as if I would like to found an order for those who cannot believe: the Confraturnity of the Fatherless one might call it.” These were the words of Oscar Wilde, published … Continue reading

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Is Pelvic Zone Theology On The Decline?

This phrase, or rather variations of it, has been bouncing around the blogsphere recently.  It has to do, of course, with right wing protestantism and the Catholic Church and their preoccupation with contraception, abortion and gay marriage.  These, we all … Continue reading

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Southern Baptist Convention Can’t Stand Lite.

One of the problems the Christian church has is it’s image of a downer message.  The message of sin and damnation, putting down gays and women and poking into the bedrooms and lives of ordinary people is taking its toll. … Continue reading

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God Does Not Want You to Use Birth Control

At least that is the view of the Catholic Church and some conservative branches of Protestantism.  They want to put it into law for some people. In the Affordable Health Care Act is a requirement that employer’s health care policies … Continue reading

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The Martin Luther King Memorial

The Catholic News Service contained an article recently in which a Catholic spokesman complained about the new Martin Luther King Memorial on the Mall in Washington, D. C. The monument to Dr. King contains fourteen quotes from the civil rights … Continue reading

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Sin in the Land of the Hindu Faith.

When someone makes an effort to summarize religions, as appears in the popular book, God is Not One, Christianity comes down to one word, sin.  It makes sense that sin would be so big because the concept lends itself to … Continue reading

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Where and When to Take a Stand.

I realize some religious people are annoyed when atheists complain about religion in public ceremonies.  It has been a surprise, even to me, how often religion appears in places it does not belong.  When I was a practicing Christian, I never noticed. … Continue reading

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Would You “Deconvert”?

An on-going mystery all around us is the different way we reason and interpret events.  How could it be two siblings who grew up together going to church could end up taking opposite paths in their spiritual lives? In a recent … Continue reading

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