Does God Believe There Is Only One God?

Competition among the world’s religions has always been fierce.  There are so many gods and the number keeps growing.

In India, so I understand, very ancient Hindu faiths had one set of gods.  As the country spread and new territories were brought under the national unbrella, they brought with them more gods.  Instead of purging the new gods, they were simply added to the approved group.

The thousand or so gods of the world have each sponored several religions. The god of Abraham, for example, has generated both the Christian and Islamic faiths. There might have 10,000 religions.

We know, of course, that each faith believes their god to be a real one and those of other faiths products of the mind, alone.  In history, there are success stories of rulers who pounded home the concept of one god and one ruler into a package that unites its armies and public into a one cause fits all.

I’ve been wondering, if there are real gods, what do they think of each other?  Do they think the other gods are real or just the imagination due to flaws they put into the brains of the humans they designed.

It seems like the god of Abraham thinks the other gods are real.  He admonishes both Christians and Muslims to disregard those other gods and worship only himself.

He did not say they are imaginary, only false.  I take from this they are real, but false gods, impersonating the real god.

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    1. entech

      That is a very good question. I have been asking for months for someone to give a definition so that I can answer the “do you believe” question.
      until we can agree on what we are talking about all debate as buffalogal says is futile

      1. entech 5:40 It would be productive if the gods themselves would duke it out, the surviving one being the only god. Instead, humans duke it out. So far, no set of humans, and their particular god, has won the battle. It seems we are stuck forever with a thousand gods. The odd result is that our world leaders are people engaged in the battle over these imaginary gods. Those who think it all as a battle over nothing are left on the sidelines.

  1. entech

    Jon you forgot one? “The god of Abraham, for example, has generated both the Christian and Islamic faiths.” Abraham was actually not one of either one or the other.
    And the first instruction kind of opens the subject for discussion “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”KJV .

    Hindus claim theirs is a monotheistic religion, there is only the one.

  2. Bob

    Besides being exciting, beautiful, and awe-inspiring, being alive is also frightening. We humans know we are vulnerable, that we could die at any moment. I think our thinking minds developed a long time ago the whole god thing to explain, before we had science, where everthing came from, and also to help ease the sheer terror of how vulnerable we are.
    But we are beyond that now. We don’t need the god thing anymore. We have been, and we are cracking the universes mysteries, we have more control now over ourselves than ever before. And this knowledge will just keep advancing. Religion’s time is passed, its just some of us haven’t realized it yet.

    1. Henry

      …”being alive is also frightening. We humans know we are vulnerable, that we could die at any moment.”

      Please speak for yourself. I am enjoying this beautiful life the Lord gave me. However, I am not frightened at this point at the thought of death.

      1. entech

        Although not entirely convinced there is more to come I am not afraid of the end either.
        What does frighten me is the thought of eternal life, especially as the years go by life is less comfortable, is the life to come more of the same, a return to Eden or some kind of reward and punishment scheme to keep the clergy in power?

        1. Henry

          Better than Eden. Your corruptible body will be replaced with an incorruptible body. Evil and the false shepherds will be blotted out. The good shepherds rewarded. Patience.

          1. Henry 1:43 “Better than Eden” This is proof that great minds think alike. Just as you were writing these fantasy claims for the afterlife, I was writing about things that seem too good to be true probably are.

        2. entech

          But what will we do for eternity? The only suggestions I have heard are songs of praise and gloating on the punishment of the damned.
          Part of what I was saying was that I would be more afraid of eternity than of “the end”, even now in reasonable (but deteriorating) health I can imagine that the time will come when enough is enough. I live in a retirement village and this is a common view.

  3. John Solberg

    If there was a god, it would make itself known. It would show us something and we would all know that it was god. There are no miracles, all can be explained through science. God is a fairy tale.

    1. John 1:13 “…it would make itself know.” You bring up the issue that turns many believers into skeptics. In my view, gods would not work if they were visible. By being invisible, each person can create a god that pleases them and them alone.

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