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Monthly Archives: September 2011

We Need More Mosques

The Freedom From Religion Foundation noticed a billboard was on church property in Columbus, Ohio, and the church was not paying property tax.  It was clearly receiving money from the sign company, but was not paying the $20,000 to local governments it would have paid had it been a regular business. All across the country, times are … Continue reading »

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Would Anyone Wager on Heaven?

A few years ago, a professor friend told me the story of her departed husband.  They were both professors and when he developed a terminal illness.  They agreed to an experiment. They were both very religious and believed firmly in the afterlife.  Being academics, they were also curious about learning if it could be verified. They agreed on a … Continue reading »

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What is the Fight Over the Ten Commandments About?

Eric D. Arreto of the Luther Seminary in St. Paul posted an article today exploring why local governments and their political constituents fight to keep Ten Commandment monuments 0n public property. One curious part of the struggle to save them is almost none of the 10C fans could recite all the 10C if asked. Furthermore, they ignore some … Continue reading »

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If It Sounds too Good to be True, It Probably Is.

We’ve all heard and said this saying at one time or another.  Hopefully, we avoid mistakes by thinking in this way. Once in a while something that seems too good to be true does happen.  It happens when we walk into a store and finding something we’ve been thinking about buying is 90% off its normal price is like … Continue reading »

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Does God Believe There Is Only One God?

Competition among the world’s religions has always been fierce.  There are so many gods and the number keeps growing. In India, so I understand, very ancient Hindu faiths had one set of gods.  As the country spread and new territories were brought under the national unbrella, they brought with them more gods.  Instead of purging the new … Continue reading »

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Do We Know What the Biblical Writers Really Said?

One of the speakers at this weekend’s Red River Freethinker’s Conference has spent much of his life studying origins of  the Bible. He specializes in the traslations from its original languages to English.  One of his conclusions is it’s really hard to know what was meant in the original languages. Some of the early troubles with translation was recorded in notes … Continue reading »

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Atheists Don’t Keep No Secrets

We Freethinkers are in the middle of our annual conference.  I just have a few minutes to jot down something that I’m wondering about. Last night was the BIG debate.  The President of Minnesota Atheists debated with a fine debater from Northwest College, formerly Northwest Bible College, in Minneapolis.  They had debated before and have … Continue reading »

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Working on Sunday is a Sin. Admit it.

When folks say atheists lack the moral foundation provided by Christianity, I always point to working on Sunday.  The Bible condems it, one of the Ten Commandments is devoted to it and it’s been preached against since from day one.  Then, it became morally OK. To see how morally wrong it was, hear about Lyman Beecher, a nationally known preacher in mid 1800’s. For Beecher, the most important moral … Continue reading »

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What If the Economy Never, Ever, Gets Better?

Humans are part of the universe, not its masters.  … the interrelatedness of all things, as expressed in Buddhism, is also lived in the tradtions of indigenous peoples…  Sulak Sivaraksa This is in an article on Huffington Post, “Buddhism and the End of Economic Growth”.  The article discussed causes of our current economic malaise.  It was an  … Continue reading »

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The One Great Source of Moral Wisdom? Ourselves.

Many times, here and around the city where I live, this question is asked:  “What is the source of moral values for Freethinkers?”  The implication being Freethinkers have no way to establish moral values. Pat Robertson’s approval of divorcing a spouse with altizmers disease surely falls into the category of a decision involving moral values.  … Continue reading »

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