Post Hurricane Analysis: Why Is God Mad?

Republican Presidential Candidate, Michelle Bachmann, is discussed endlessly in blogosphere these days because of something she said in a speech.  She said God sent Hurricane Irene as a message.

She referred to something about government spending right after that–so maybe she thinks God is mad about that.

Many people think God is really mad about gay marriage and abortion.  Hurricanes could be eliminated, if that is the case, by stopping these.

I think we need to consider the possibility Bachmann and others are wrong about why God is mad.  The Bible does not mention gay marriage, abortion or government spending specifically as sin, as far as I know.  It does mention other sins.  That being the case, it would be more logical to conclude God is angry about the sins we know to be sins.

One of these is working on Sunday. If any sin has the potential to send hurricanes, it seems like this would be one of them.  It’s punishable by death.

Another big one is swearing.  Is not it possible the hurricanes were sent because the “f” bomb is widely used? It’s so common I think we’ll hear it from a pulpit soon.

Then, there are children who talk back to their parents.  Death by stoning.

In any case, Bachmann is on to something here.  Why worry about making buildings hurricane proof is you can just eliminate the hurricanes?


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  1. This woman is a disgrace to every possible thing she could represent: women, Republicans, Christians, and of course my home state of Minnesota.

    She does, however have pretty hair. And I think I may have dated Marcus in college.

  2. What a queer thing to say, but then again not for you. Your normal drivel contests the bible in all forms, now today you’re trying to interpret the word of god per bible references. What a hypocrite and disappointment.

        1. entech

          But your God always has a purpose. If he were destroying without purpose, as the prime mover of everything he is causing this mayhem or at least permitting it to happen, then surely he would be insane (and there is precedent for this – he did once try to destroy everything by drowning it.

          1. Henry 1:22 It’s obvious I need help here. I need the scripture than tells me God knows all and directs all and plans for everything. Then, I need the scripture that says some things happen randomly. Then, I need the scripture that tells me how to figure out which is which when I see it in real life.

          2. Henry

            Thanks for your questions, Jon. I do not have all the answers. I do know the tower of Siloam collapse was an accident. I do know the Lord allowed affliction to transcend onto Job. I do know the Lord caused affliction for Pharaoh. What can we say about the recent hurricane? We really don’t know if it was divinely caused or randomly happened. Perhaps, if you are so interested, you should do as the Bible says and pray. I must say even by doing that, you may not be given answers to your questions.

          3. entech

            There is always a problem with any hypothesis that can randomly change the parameters to suit the circumstances. Jon @ 1:25 asks for help understanding what it all means – the answer seems to be your God either causes things or allows them to happen or sometimes they just happen by themselves – depending on Gods whim for the event or yours for the explanation.
            A hypothesis that attempts to explain everything explains nothing. Further than that if I were a Christian I would spend forty days and nights on a bed of thorns before invoking Job.

          4. Henry

            “Further than that if I were a Christian I would spend forty days and nights on a bed of thorns before invoking Job.”

            You’re right. I’m in error. Job is only for mature audiences.

          5. Wanna B Sure

            entech; Sorry to bring up the “little you know or understand” concept, but you evidently are not aware that there isn’t a Christian alive that would even consider “invoking Job”. You obviously just made this crap up without “understanding” what you were talking about. Keep it up. You are getting less credable all the time.

          6. entech

            Here we go again. I will rephrase and hope for less deliberate misinterpretation. I do not think that the book of Job is a very good example by which to extoll the virtues of a religion, if I were a christian I would not consider quoting it.

          7. Henry

            Entech, I feel like you are moving the goal posts on me. I directly answered one of Jon’s questions with the relevant scripture from Job. Now, that isn’t good enough for you. Now, you say Job shouldn’t be used by a Christian as it does not extoll proper virtues. The original argument is addressed, but now I have a new requirement from you. Please give me some guidance on this. If not Job, what book?

          8. entech

            Henry: You are right about apparently moving the goalposts: I was more than a little erratic and inconsistent.
            What I meant was that we have events that are either Caused by god, Allowed by God or are simply Random. My Jewish and Muslim friends use expressions that convey the idea of “God willing” and say something like, “We will meet at class next week, if God wills it”. I was just saying that too have events that could be apparently actively caused, simply be permitted or just happen at random does not give the impression of a creator that is omnipotent, omnipresent and all knowing. Further having such an entity in charge makes the explanation of anything far too trivial to be a serious answer.
            My exaggerated response to Job was silly. On the other hand the Book of Job is such an inconsistent and strange thing that I repeat that I would not be inclined to use it. And we should bear in mind that any interpretation must be influenced by the interpreters starting point. Here is my interpretation:

            There was a man called Job, perfect, upright and God fearing. He was prosperous man with sons, daughters, servants and livestock. He even gave sacrifices to God just in case his children had sinned, even in their thoughts.

            There was a meeting in heaven between God and his children and Satan. God asked Satan where have you been? and the reply was that he had been wandering the earth. God asked if he had seen his servant Job, a good and faithful servant. Satan suggests that Job was only so good because God had been good to him and made him prosperous and that it would be different if he took it all away. God says that’s not true, you take it from him and he will still love me. A wager?
            So Satan killed his children and had the rest stolen and killed leaving Job a pauper, and still Job “sinned not, nor charged God foolishly”.

            There was another meeting with Satan again walking the earth and God tells Satan then you must have seen that Job is still perfect even though you incited me to destroy him without cause. Satan says that that was true but it would be different if were personal and not just property, so with Gods permission to do anything except kill him Satan sets of to do his worst. Job is reduced to a boil ridden miserable wreck. His wife says why do you take this, curse God and die and Job tells her not to be a fool we receive good can we not receive evil? And “In all this did not Job sin with his lips”. Three friends came to commiserate and sat in silence with him in his misery.

            After a while Job spoke wishing that he had never been born because trouble has come for no reason. After this his friends speak up saying God is just and so this could not happen for no reason, Job must after all be a sinner. Chapter after chapter has the friends telling him god is just and he must be a sinner, job says he is not, eventually saying he is wrongfully accused and asking for the chance to plead his case with god.

            God finally speaks, instead of a brief explanation as was given to Abraham when he is saved from sacrificing his son, he gets a diatribe. Who are you to question me, did you create the universe come back when you are as good as me and I will deign to talk to you. Eventually Job realises that God is telling him that I am doing this because I can, might is right and there is no one mightier than me. Job admits I now know you for what you are whereas before I really only knew of you, I prostrate myself and grovel. God gives Job everything he had lost and much more besides, unfortunately not the children he loved and lost, but better replacements as compensation for the wrongs done to him. And all his friends and relatives came to rejoice in his new health and wealth and “comforted him over all the evil that the Lord had brought over him”.
            Direct quotes from King James Bible.

            If this is the action of a good and just god and not the actions of the God described by Hitchens then perhaps Marcion was more insightful than heretical. This brief interpretation is the reason that i say i would not use it as an exemplar.

            Your question which book, I really can’t say as I think most are largely inventions and too contradictory to truly represent the word of God. I cannot deny the existence of God but can certainly question that the Bible is the inspired and true word.

          9. Henry

            Entech, thank you for the paraphrase of Job. What does Job tell me (off the cuff, without looking at a reference)?
            1. It provides me encouragement that I can at least make an attempt at being just and honest, by so doing honoring the Lord. In my case, I would eventually fail requiring the grace of Lord Jesus Christ.
            2. Satan is allowed to test me, acting as prosecuter. Otherwise, rationally, full observance of free will could not occur.
            3. Sometimes friends don’t know what they are talking about. Listen to God (scriptures), not the chatter of men.
            4. Satan was in the presence of God at the time of Job.
            5. If we follow God, we will either be full of boils or have earthly blessings. Our earthly blessings are not necessarily a function of our “goodness”, therefore maintaining the concept of free will.

          10. entech

            That is a fair and usual interpretation according to Christian ideas. Far more mixed among Jewish scholars, Islam has a view that Job remained steadfast and that his original family was restored. As I say interpretation needs a starting point yours from a firm Christianity mine from a bias towards skepticism.

          11. entech 10:55 and Henry 10:55 A fine series of posts. I had forgotten, Henry, the positive spin it is possible to place on Job. Some sermons of long come back to me now. I have tried to place the God behavior into present times and concluded this: If I were living with parents, and they behaved like God, I would leave home. If I were working and had a boss like God, I’d quit.

            The interesting thing about we humans is we don’t all think alike.

  3. I think He spared New York since they recently voted to allow equal protection of existing laws to all couples in committed, long term relationships who are willing to pay a fee and purchase a contract from the state.

    Not just the ones a certain religion says laws can apply to.

      1. Wanna B Sure

        Opinionated; You should be ashamed of yourself !! For you I would enjoy coming out of retirement and put together a program of deprograming. You have no idea of what it is to be a Christian. Your screen name says it all. Your opinion is an abismal distortion of Christianity, and a miserable example of it. Oh how I wish I had you as a student. We would have to start with catechesis 101. (I would guess a term you never heard of in the first place.) You are a disgrace.

  4. You should check out Metoroligist Joe Bastardi (yes that IS his name) This morning I heard him clearly expplain the very normal weather cycles we have been through before…like the same patterns in 1964 and 1938 with hot dry weather in Texas and hurricanes developing along the East Coast. It is simply a repeat of climate patterns that have been in place SINCE GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH and wisely set things in motion.
    Nobody needs to pay attention to Michelle Bachman or the hysterical global warmist Al Goreacle!!!!
    Hurricanes repeat their patterns over and over and over…. ad in finitum!

    1. entech

      Is this then an example of intelligent design? I think I have said before if he hadn’t rushed in 6 and rested on 7 we may have had a better weather system.

  5. Bob

    Shit, what a dummy that Bachman is, the following is what causes a hurricane. She can’t really be that dumb, can she?

    “Hurricanes are intense low pressure areas that form over warm ocean waters in the summer and early fall. Their source of energy is water vapor which is evaporated from the ocean surface.

    Water vapor is the “fuel” for the hurricanes because it releases the “latent heat of condensation” when it condenses to form clouds and rain, warming the surrounding air. (This heat energy was absorbed by the water vapor when it was evaporated from the warm ocean surface, cooling the ocean in the process.)”

  6. Bob

    I forgot to add, there’s no evidence of god/goddesses anymore than there is of a Santa, Gandolf, Harry Potter, fairys, or martians, so relax, there’s no god to send a hurricane to us. Its just nature being nature.

  7. Not to veer off topic, but does anyone thing it’s curious that God would punish scores of quite innocent people for the relationship guys like Ricky and I have, yet seem to turn a blind eye to the hate and destruction His supposed disciples spew at the world at large?

    Just sayin’

  8. If someone believes that the nasty weather events that this country is seeing are a result of some kind of punishment from god, why does he seem to be picking on the more christian areas of the country? (the bible belt)

    I thought greed is a sin. Now that is practiced openly in the church today. Put some seed money in offering plate, or send it to a televangelist, and god will return it to you 100 fold. Plenty of people must be watching and sending in $$ or these folks would not be on the air.

    1. simple 10:16 “I thought greed is a sin.” I think there is a rule somewhere, maybe in the Bible, that says, “Greed practiced by believers is not really greed. It is just reward.” : )

      1. Wanna B Sure

        Jon; you probably got that idea from some of the TV Evangelists machinations. (prosperity theology.)

          1. Wanna B Sure

            Yes, they do. Within this group, are also terms ; name it and claim it, (gab it and grab it) word-faith movement, etc. Almost exclusively within the Pentecostal/ Charasmatic sects. Very romantic, beguiling, and self fulfilling. The real hazard with this besides the arrogance building nature, is that it is usually considered to be a signal of “weak faith, no faith” if their desires aren’t recieved. Same with “speaking in tongues”, and faith healing. All within the same groups. “”Oops– I guess you are not gonner git yer new TV and car, and yer gonner die. Too bad. if ya had only believed jus’ a little more.””

          2. Wanna B Sure

            Sea; Re ” a lot of people like it”. Actually yes a lot of people like it, but not as many as they would like to believe. Actually a small % of Christianity subscribe to this view. The reason they seem to be “so many” is because they are very present on TV, most notably the Christian channels. Also due to their sensational activities, the news media pick up on some of them. Outside of their respective communities, they are a minority. The larger majority of Christians will have nothing to do with it, and are equally offended by their “antics”.

          3. I’m not sure what’s so very different about “their ‘antics'” than those of any other denomination, religion or sect. Sounds like just another variation on the same basic con.

          4. Sea 8:57 “Sounds like just another variation on the same basic con.” It seems one can make the case the premise of Christianity which says, “Give me your tithe and your complete alligence and I will reward you with something wonderful,” can be applied to both the prosperity gosple and the devine life after death. Critics of atheists would have to agree, we don’t make any offers like those.

          5. Wanna B Sure

            Jon, sea; Your comments only reveal just how little you know, or care to understand. Your agendas and biases won’t allow anything less. You complain when non Atheists make false statements about it, (and sometimes justifiably so). Well, here is the other side of the same coin. One would have expected more from someone who is ” so open minded “. Guess not. Welcome to the dark side of dogmatics.

          6. Wanna 9:24 When you wrote, “Well, here is the other side of the same coin,” I expected to then read the other side of the argument I had made. That is, address why is not the same to offer either heaven or untold riches in exchange for money and loyality. But, alas, only more criticism of us.

          7. Wanna,

            Just think of Athiets as the Ralph Naders of religion. There is no consumer protection agency to keep the sheep from getting fleeced but in the laissez-faire world of religious capitalism you can’t say you haven’t been warned. Caveat emptor.

          8. Wanna B Sure

            Sea; Running out of rhetoric? Now astheism is the protector of the Christian? Unbeleivable. ——And shallow.

          9. Wanna,

            Atheism is not the protector of the christian.
            Atheism is the protector of the human.

            Also, please note that while this thread began as a riff on prosperity theology, my last two rebuttals have encompassed the entire religious community. I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I was being unduely critical of christians. I have equal contempt for all faith based rainmakers.

          10. Henry

            Wanna: “Running out of rhetoric? Now astheism is the protector of the Christian? Unbeleivable. ——And shallow.”

            Good observation. You are on a great roll today, Wanna.

          11. Wanna B Sure

            Sea; When I said “No response is adequate”, the context was;” silence is sufficient.” After your exposition revealing your total rejection of anything other than your own opinion, your intolerence has self revealed. Interesting to see from those who preach tolerence. Smells like hypocrisy to me.

        1. entech

          Wanna your “no response is adequate” should read “no response is possible”. From caveat emptor to protector is a huge leap even for you. From warning to defending? But that is alright we are getting used to your leaps and distortions, what dd you say to Jon “shows how little you know or understand” what arrogance, how can any one man be so certain that he knows and understands everything and others are willfully stupid by not accepting their truth.

          Henry, pull your bible blanket back over your head and go back to sleep. On a roll indeed – you two are getting more alike every day.

          1. Wanna B Sure

            I can understand why you see it as arrogance . anything not agreeing with you is considered as arrogance. What arrogance.! I guess you would recognize it when you see it.
            As for the “Willfully stupid by not accepting their truth”; Look in the mirror, a distorted mirror.
            You seem to be getting more venomous the farther you go. Are you reading your own material?

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