9/11 And U. S. Exceptionalism

The fight to put up a debris Christian cross at the site is part of a larger problem.  It’s not only that atheists, Hindus, Buddists, Muslims and people of other faiths were among the dead, it’s  the idea 9/11-like events happen in other countries and we should be spared.  That’s because we are “exceptional”.

In my view, exceptionalism starts, at least in part, with Christianity.  There are folks who believe God actually blessed this country in some special way.

Exceptionism bites us in the pocketbook.  In order to pretend we will never be attacked again, our political leaders formed Homeland Security and dumped lots of money into states and cities.

The $75 billion spent each year saves about the same number of people as die in bathtub accidents each year.  The chances of being killed in a terrorist event are a miniscule one in 3.5 million.

The amount being spent continues to increase.  It appears our political class believes the odds should be lowered still more to one in 4.5 million.  The amount required to lower the odds still more will cost even more than the earlier benchmarks.

I remember my jaw dropping when I read Bush/Chaney had decided any threat justified a full scale response.  It appears this policy is still in effect.

9/11 did not threaten the fall of our country.  People of many faiths and no faith were killed.

The less we hype up our exceptionalism and Christianity the more rational our response will be.


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  1. Bob

    “People of many faiths and no faith were killed.” Jon

    Yes Jon, people of many faiths, or non-faiths’ were killed, but in the eyes of those muslims who did the killing, the pious muslims who died in the twin towers will go to heaven as martrys and get the 72 virgins, and all the apostates and infidels will get their reward in eternal hell. Its a dangerous mistake to pretend muslims think like us. The Koran is different, very focused on what to do with the infidel. 61% of the koran talks about what to do with the infidel. Islam is not just a religion but also a totalitarian regime that wants sharia for all. Its the texts and doctrines that will get ya everytime. I shudder everytime I study Islam.

    My answer to the Islam problem is to stop having us police ourselves, immediately. Get all our troops out of those crazy brainwashed Islamic countries, save our money, save our people. And warn Islam publically that everytime a muslim hurts us, like the twin towers, or fort hood, or whatever, we will immediately take out one of their holy sites, and depending upon the severity, perhaps more. We will clear the people out of the mosque or Kabba at mecca so no one gets hurt, or any other site muslims deem holy, and wipe the structure permanently off the earth. If a muslim does another 9/11, then we take out the Kabba forever.

    1. Wanna B Sure

      Bob; Re. Last topic; Can you please explain/ expand on your claim that “We are divine, humans are divine”?

  2. As usual bozo just isn’t happy unless he’s whining about Christians. What a total disgrace to the city of Fargo. I may not be found in church Sunday mornings but I do recognize the contributions of Christians in our country’s history and readilly recognize the respect they are owed. Whether I agree with all their followings or not is irrelevant and I humbly respect their right to worship as they choose. Still this human cull only lives for two things. To disgrace the city of Fargo just as he did when in office, and to worship the ground his special little inteerest group stands on. Well Christians deserve the right to put up a cross anywhere they want anytime they want. They’ve earned it. You and your special interest groups have not earned that right.

  3. Bob

    To Opinionated 1:48, No, Christians can’t put up a cross wherever they want to, anymore than you can put up a pentacle, or a cresent, or anyother religious symbol on tax payer property. If you were thinking, you wouldn’t want that either.

    1. Henry

      Interesting Bob disputes the ability for a Christian to exercise free speech on government property, but Bob does not contest his own beliefs being sent out over government appropriated wires on this very blog. The backbone of the internet was initiated by government appropriation.

  4. freddy

    As a nation, let’s all go to bed at night giving thanks to our God, whoever we decide to worship, that people like Bob and Jon Lindgren are not leading any part of our government (especially the military) and that they are not freethinking in a position of authority. If one is so appalled that our government would react and defend against another 9-11, then hop on the ship boys.

    1. Wanna B Sure

      Or if their “divine” nature of humans were in controll of the rest of the population.
      That thought should keep a lot of people awake at night.

    2. freddy 5:43 “If one is so appalled that our government would react and defend against another 9-11…” I have never said I was appalled at our government defending against another 9/11. I am appalled it is wasting billion$ and reducing the risk hardly at all while leaving underfunded places were deaths are occurring by the tens of thousands. Permissable here is commenting whatever one wishes on what I wrote–not permitted is commenting on what I did not write.

  5. Bob

    Humans made up the word and concept of divinity, WE are the makers, sillies.
    Divine is as humbly beautiful, or as crass, aggressive and ugly as we makers want it to be.

    As an economic yet liberal libertarian, I’m for the constitution, always, and RON PAUL for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bob

    “The Obama administration attacked Libya without a constitutional declaration of war, without congressional authorization, without meaningful consultation with Congress — and without a dollar being authorized from the House or Senate. It was a war started by a president who turned to the United Nations for its authority and ignored the authority of the US Congress.” Ron Paul


      1. entech

        American politics is something I am not entitled to comment on, but if I may a little snippet from history. Jefferson did the same thing, sent a fleet to the Mediterranean and forgot to tell congress until it was too late for a recall – actually more than justified act to save American ships and men from piracy.
        The interesting thing is that the resulting treaty, The Treaty of Tripoli, was presented to the Senate by John Adams and was ratified unanimously.
        In part it says:
        As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,—as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen,—and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.
        The emphasis is mine and may be a reminder that despite the cries on this blog America was from its beginning a secular nation.

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