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Post Hurricane Analysis: Why Is God Mad?

Republican Presidential Candidate, Michelle Bachmann, is discussed endlessly in blogosphere these days because of something she said in a speech.  She said God sent Hurricane Irene as a message. She referred to something about government spending right after that–so maybe she thinks God … Continue reading

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9/11 and U. S. Exceptionalism

The fight to put up a debris Christian cross at the site is part of a larger problem.  It’s not only that atheists, Hindus, Buddists, Muslims and people of other faiths were among the dead, it’s  the idea 9/11-like events happen in other countries and we … Continue reading

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A New Religion Meeting in Christian Churches

Albert Molher, Jr., President of Southern Baptist Seminary, is as much insider and establishment as one can find in his branch of Christianity.  In an article appearing on you can read the most revealing view on religious changes afoot … Continue reading

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Is Life After Death a New Idea, or, an Old One?

What’s old is new again.  This is the theme of an article written by Peter Berger in The American Interest.  The article’s title is,  “Immortality and Hay Fever.” He writes his life will live on through memories, things he has written, DNA and his hay fever. There will be … Continue reading

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How to Hang on to Your Faith

All of us know people who once were part of the faith but who lost it.  Also, we know people who moved the other direction, were secular but found the faith and are happy about it. If you are a religious … Continue reading

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Politics and Religion: The Demographics

There is a strange thing going on.  Presidential candidates talk more about religion than ever before.  The U. S. public cares less than ever. Mark Chaves, Professor of sociology and religion at Duke Universty, plots attitudes toward faith in,  American Religion: Contemporary Trends. “The Michele … Continue reading

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Are Atheists Just Abused Christians?

Recently, one of our regular commenters on this site told me the reason I am not a believer must by due to abuse I had at the hands of my parents or others.  This conclusion is somewhat amusing because it is so … Continue reading

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Here’s a God People Might Like

Studying the gods that capture peoples’ hearts and minds is to learn about “the human experience”.  The more we know about gods, the more we know about people. If ever there was an attractive god,  it would would be the Hindu god, Krishna.  In … Continue reading

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Gay Pastors and Reverse Engineering of Theology

There is a meeting going on as we speak of a Presbyterian protest group who will soon split off into a new denomination.  Maybe some day there will be as many branches of Presbyterians as there are of Lutherans.  And … Continue reading

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More on the Defining “Freedom”

This is about an article on expanding on the topic of religious freedom. It’s worth revisiting. The State of Illinois is terminating its relationship with Catholic Charities.  If I understand correctly, the termination came about because Catholic Charities does not place children for … Continue reading

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