Repent, The End Is Near!! Again?

We’ll never know how many preachers who preach and write end-is-near sermons and books really believe what they say.   Surely, there must be at least a few who think, “Man, that line always works–wish I could use it every week.”

It has financed many a career.  One has to wonder why people believe the line when it is such an old trick. 

A sister theme is this: Our morals are declining so fast, time is about up.  The New York Times Bestseller List includes a book of this topic, Turning the Tide, by Rev. Charles Stanley.

Rev. Stanley’s list of moral failings includes corrupt leaders, terrorism, divorce, redefining of marriage, abortion, single-parent families, false prophets and toleration of immorality.  Stanley says we must repent of these “unresolved sins”.

Recalling the messages of my childhood evangelical church, I’m sure the sins listed above would not have been of  end-of-time importance.  End of time sins then were working on Sunday, cursing and drinking alcholol.  The world did not end back then. This proves those sins were really not as important as they were made out to be.

Can we be certain today’s sins are game enders?  Stanley is certain.  There is a “destructive man made tide that is deteriorating our country at a frightening pace,” he writes.  We are facing a tsunami.

I wish each of Stanley’s books carried a sticker, “Don’t buy this if you’ve heard to end of times thing before.”

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  1. John Solberg

    The end is near!! It could come from a world killing asteroid. A super strain of virus. A nuclear war. Global warming. But never ever from a god, raining down his wrath. Why you may ask? Because we have been “doing sin or game enders from the beginnning of recorded time.” And if he/she is a “moral” god they should have ended human life long ago…

    1. entech

      actually tried once and failed. drowned all the sinners, kept one righteous family. What happened?

  2. Bob

    While I agree with your comment John Solberg, you shouldn’t add the “she” part to your god ending everything comment.
    The reason is because you’re trying to equal the field, but its too late. Most of the religions only honour the male deities. And women are nothing. And so it has been reflected in cultures through the ages, through male dominated ages, thousands of years.
    Its insulting to women in Abrahamic and other male dominated religious societies to try place the blame equally along with males and their male dieties.
    Besides, wouldn’t it be goddess, instead of god? At least give women that much, John.

    1. mar 7:57 Thanks for commenting. I like to think this site is for writing and reading, not clicking. I’d appreciate it if you would provide readers, including myself, with a simple explanation what you mean by saying it “IS different”.

  3. This blog needs some humor:
    Angus MacGregor earned his living painting homes. But he was cheap and did something to make the paint go further..unknown to his clients. He finally got a big contract to paint a huge church and did the usual thing…he made the paint go further by using a lot of turpentine. He was up on the scaffolding painting away when a dark cloud approached and there was a huge lightning bolt and a tremendous clap of thunder which knocked Angus off the scaffolding. Rain poured down and washed every bit of the paint away.
    As Angus cringed on the ground he knew this was Judgement for his cheap ways. He cried out for mercy and a VOICE thundered from the heavens.
    “Repaint! Repaint! And thin no more!”

    AND: What happens when you cross a Jehovah’s Witness with an Athiest?
    You get someone who goes from door to door, knocking for no apparent reason.

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