What’s A Nice Way To Say, “This Is Nuts!”?

There are many parts of Christian history to be ammused about.  I mean the snakes that talk, the walking on water and other such tales.  The exasporating thing is it still goes on. How many times has an errant baseball hit a window and created a picture of Mary?  

In the mountains of building debris left over from the 9/11 attack is are thousands of pieces of I-beam that held the building up.  They broken and attached together in thousands of configurations.

Someone dragged a piece out in a “T” pattern and announced it is the Christain cross.  An opportunistic priest pronounced this find a miracle.  Then someone proposed it be installed permanently at the 9/11 site. 

Fortunately for us all, American Atheists has gone to court to prevent this.  There is no reason to display any religious symbol at the site.  But, if one is to be displayed, every religion represented in the towers also must be displayed, including atheists.  We know people of many religions were killed in the buildings including Muslems.

Perhaps we could have a giant seach for other symbols in the wreckage debris.  Probably there is a suwaztika or other symbols of groups the general public finds disgusting.  Maybe there is a piece that forms the letter “F” representing the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Installing the cross-like debris on public property will start court cases like those of the Ten Commandments monuments.


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    1. Wanna 1:05 “Schwarmerei”–is this about right for that $10 word: excessive enthusiasm and/or sentimentality? (I seem to have a schwarmerei problem with flying, airplanes and a host of other things. I just don’t have it for putting up crosses on public property.)

      1. Wanna B Sure

        Jon; You have it about right. execessive subjectivity, and inner emotion. The term was used for those exesses during and after the Reformation. Among them were the “Zwickow Prophets”, the early “God spoke to me” folks. A large factor in the Peasants War. They were also known as the Enthusiasts. There are many of their kind in different flavors around us today.
        The plane thing is interesting. What kind is it? I have only one request; When you fly it, please don’t land it on my front lawn. The courthous lawn is OK, with me, if you can make it safely

        1. Wanna–On airplanes, I have an old and little Cessna 150. I’m at a fly-in of the national Cessna 150-152 Club. People fly these slow little planes here (Clinton, IA, along the Mississippi River) from both coasts and Texas and Canada. I bring a fold-up bicycle (and a tent) and tour a different part of this area each year.

  1. Bob

    I think two new towers should be built right on the same site as the original towers. Rebuilding would say, you can knock us down, but we get right back up. And place a large elegant plaques in both towers, on bottom floor, with their names and how much they mean to Americans. And add on the plaques how deplorable it was that those men did that to all of us, but like a phoenix, we rise again. Otherwise the empty spot will just remain a bone of contention, and an open wound. This way too, when they build the 911 imam Rolf’s mosque, the towers will be rebuilt and send a clear message to all that freedom will still triump over the tyranny of dogma, all dogmas.
    By not raising the towers again, and just keeping it a memorial/graveyard, every muhammedan who feels the way those men did, can go there and gloat and say to themselves see what we did.
    But I would get permission from the family members of those lost first. If they didn’t want us to rebuild, we shouldn’t of course.
    And keep the religion out of it. Of course I agree with you there Jon.

  2. freddy

    “There are many parts of Christian history to be ammused about. ” Jon – there are many many things Christians find amusing about atheists – such as your knowledge of religions. You can’t even spell muslim (muslem). So from this Christian – thanks for the laugh. …………………. Flying Spaghetti Monster

  3. Bob

    To Freddy 12:06 Forgive me Jon, I feel I need to interupt and give a comment to Freddy.
    Freddy, why is it faithheads (christians, muhammedans, and such) miss the point? And everyone knows English is a screwed up language when it comes to spelling. Ben Franklin invented a more phonetical alphabet, but it never gained popularity, thus, we Americans, like the English, are stuck with bad spelling. Blame history for that, all those conquerers of England over the last millenium. Being able to spell has nothing to do with being a good writer. Jon gets his points across brilliantly.

    How is it amusing that atheists know a lot about other religions? Is it because atheists do know more on average, and that makes them a target in your eyes? Much like nerds are in schools? Please explain, I’m curious. (Curiosity, a hallmark of atheists by the way, and children.)

    1. entech

      spelling errors are so common on a blog you need to be desperate to make a point of it. Perhaps they should be more aware of the mistakes in their own thinking and consider that with so many religions how can any or all of them be right.

  4. freddy

    Bob and Entech……Jon starts out with this post making fun of Christians. He says “there are many parts of Christian history to be ammused about. I mean the snakes that talk, the walking on water and other such tales…….” Essentially what he is doing is making fun of people who share a certain religous view or in this case, believe in Christianity. Many believe in the bible – and these stories are part of the bible. So it’s fair to take these shots here, but if someone on the blog gives one back – Jon’s fellow bloggers/athesists come to his defense real fast. Why do you get your undies in a wad when a Christian takes a poke back at Jon for his spelling? It seems OK for Jon and his fellow blogging atheists here to expound views and opinions “with certainty” and infer that Christians are the equivalent of children blindly following Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. If you’re going to write with such arrogance and pretend to have all the answers – you’ll maybe get some push back. I don’t pretend to have all the answers and I am not going to belittle you for your beliefs. But if you choose that path – you need thicker skin Bobbie. A little less arrogance, with some better spelling (at least from a college professor) may lend more credibility to your opinions.

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