The Only Thing Constant Is Change

As I was bicycling around the community is Iowa where I’m attending an airplane fly-in, I was struck by a billboard that said,  ” (City)  Community Church.  We are Nondenominational.  Come Grow With Us.”

The message projected, so it seemed to me, was “nondenominational” is better than denominational.  I have no idea what the theological grounding of the church is.  The  important thing in its mind, apparently, is that it is “none of the above.”

Perhaps a related bit of news this week is the “Campus Crusade for Christ” name change. It will now be known as simply “Cru”.   The reason, management says, is some 20% of the public who knows nothing about the organization is turned off by “Christ” in its old name.

A reporter asked a member of the “Cru” staff if the new name meant the organization will now partner with progressive groups to work for world peace and against hunger.  The reply was something like, “Not yet.  I hope we get there some day in the future.”

While parts of the Christian faith seem locked in place with a refusal to budge on today’s  issues, it is refreshing to see new and comtempory approaches.  Unlike the approach of the first President Bush I quoted a few days ago, which said atheists should not be considered citizens in this Christian country, and unlike denominations who will not ordain gay clergy, another branch of the faith is leaving the old behind.

That bodes well for everyone.


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    1. Buffalogal–“Have I heard you are…building an airplane in your garage?” Well, yes, that is true. It’s actually in a hanger at the airport in West Fargo. I’ve spent several years at it–several to go. I’ve also heard from a person very close to me that she will take an axe to it before it flys.

  1. This kind of sounds like an ongoing argument about the contents of a pole building here at the Buff- Bluff. I have declared that I am going to die first so I will not be left with the pole barn!

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