On Demonization

The term “demonization” has religious roots.  Now, it is used in ways sort of in between its former self as individuals, groups and political parties as “evil” and just general criticism of groups or beliefs.

President “W” was skilled at demonizing.  His reference to the “axis of evil” was a classic example of it.  Neither Presidents Clinton or Obama do it very well.  I read when Clinton ramped up a demonization remark about some group an aid said, “You’ll be sorry.”  Later, he needed support from that quarter and wished he had not done it.

The most common target of international demonization these days is the Islam faith.  Columist Kathleen Parker today wrote about Presidential candidate Herman Cain’s accidential slip into Islam demonization lite.  When a reporter asked him is he would feel comfortable having a Muslem in his cabinet, he said well, no, not really.

He was answering the unexpected question in an honest way, not really knowing any Muslem people well.  He knows he made a mistake.  A President needs to have the most qualified people he can find that will carry out his program–the best person might be a Muslem.  It is “unAmerican” to simply write off an entire population of citizens who were born in the U. S. and are ready to serve.

I hope when I mention the lack of evidence for the faith I am not demonizing.  People do say it is, but I hope it is not. We all need to be careful about demonization.

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  1. Bob

    I’m wary of any believers in the abrahamic texts. And other belief systems too. The burden of proof is on them. If that’s demonizing, so be it. I frankly don’t care if that hurts their poor little brainwashed feelings.
    Does that mean I don’t befriend them or rely on them? No. It just means when the god talk starts, I’m backing out of the room toward the nearest exit with a placating smile on my face.

    1. doubtful

      This is a perfect example of daemonizing and marginalizing a segment of the population. It might well be that this kind of treatment leads to people feeling that the only way they can express themselves is with a bomb or automatic rifle, especially when it is practiced by a group, very much like High School groups. It is really strange how progressives have no problem understanding this with Muslims but can not seem to stop themselves when it comes to Christians. I suppose that in a weird way this is a compliment to Christians as progressives expect Christians to be able to handle it without flipping out.

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