How To Remian Faithful To The Faith

A while back, Pastor Rick Warren wrote an essay advising Christians about how to avoid sin..  He wrote about weaknesses most people have and how to deal with them.

In my opinion, he missed the most likely source of people’s problem with their faith.  It is the source of irresversable sin and condemnation to an eternity in hell.  It is curiousity.

Of the many friends I’ve made being a Freethinker, nearly all came to become Freethinkers because they simply became curious about other ways of looking at things.  They looked into the origin and logic of the faith.  They did not, as many of the faithful believe, have a bad experience while practicing Christians or suffer abuse. 

As they found new information and pondered its meaning, religion evaporated for them. While an occasional Freethinker returns to the faith, nearly all never do.

Why some people’s minds are open to this curiousity and others are not is a mystery to me.  Nevertheless, curiosity remains a bigger obstacle to the faith then temptation or the clever ways of the Satan. 


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  1. At least when you’re rotting in hell you’ll have a group of friends to weep and gnash your teeth with. Sounds pretty heart-warming to me.

    1. freddy 2:31 Is it possible to be curious–and yet still have faith in something greater than mankind? I think the best indication of being curious is the scientific method where one states the null hypothesis. A less exacting way to be curious is to try establishing “something greater than mankind” by figuring it out in a way that can be substantiated by a third and impartial observer. No one has done that yet, but a curious person would set to work figuring out how it could be done.

    2. Freddy, yes it is. It annoys countless people (yet surprisingly, not so much Mr Lindgren) that I am a man of faith.

  2. Bob

    What about what Steven Pinker has claimed, that at least 40% of humanity is hardwired to believe in the supernatural, that they can’t not believe.
    This is scary to me considering our modern technology in the hands of more primitive thinking primates.

    1. Wanna B Sure

      Bob; Yes, I can see where the fear you reveal would move you more advanced primates to consider moves to controll and dominate the more “primative” of the species. Eugenics would be a most efficient method. Selective breeding to bring them up to your standards, and elimination of the undesirables, (“those unfit for life”, and the ones who disagree with the more superior.) Political and military methods would probably be necessary. I have heard of this before. First conceived in the US by the Progressives, and well received in Germany during the 30’s and 40’s.

  3. Bob

    So in other words, Wanna, you want me to shut up about what might be scientific truth, and therefore not solve problems in a positve way? A way that can benefit all humanity?
    What makes you think solving problems like this might be solved negatively?
    I think you just want to shut down the discussion by playing the old, and overused eugenics and nazi card.
    Its like you think religion hasn’t harmed more people by far than anything.

    1. Wanna B Sure

      A spade is a shovel. Talk all you want. Rave about it if you want to. It is very revealing.

    1. Wanna B Sure

      I would have thought that with you superior intellect and insight you could have figured it out all by yourself.

  4. Bob

    I knew you were going to give an answer like that, I was hoping you wouldn’t. Its such a typical supernaturalist way of answering questions. The whole I’m mysterious and my answers are mysterious because I believe in the supernatural and because you ask questions about it, you just can’t get it you clueless non-supernaturalist. Talk about arrogant.

    Discuss the question Wanna. And do it bravely without having to shut down the conversation. Just because someone asks if there even is a problem that 40% or more of the population believes in easter bunnys, jesus, allah, santa, Kalli, Gandolf, whatever, and what problems this might cause to humanity as a whole, and what positive answers can we come up with if it is a problem, doesn’t mean we thinkers and questioners are eugenics or nazi lovers. Jeez, give me a break!

    This is the difference between atheists/freethinkers and supernaturalists/theists.

    1. Wanna B Sure

      Yes, It is plain that your branch is superior. Sounds like the class system of The Planet of the Apes.
      And —-oh yes, keep talking.

  5. Bob

    It is superior, and braver.
    No offense, it just is.
    Once you’ve been brainwashed as a child with the abusive fear of suffering for eternity if you don’t believe the way your brainwashers do, you are braver to free yourself of those mental shackles. And questioning the validity of everything, like Jon mentioned the scientific way, it is smarter. The bad part is, is if you are introduced to it, and STILL reject the logic behind scientific questioning of everything, simply because your poor brainwashed mind refused to consider it.
    What are you afraid of Wanna? The bogey man with horns? Come on, you seem smarter than that.

    1. Wanna B Sure

      Since you brought it up; “Superior and braver;”I guess that’s your story and you’re sticking to it. Sounds like “arrogance” to me.
      signed ; No Fear.

    1. Wanna B Sure

      Bob; If the eugenics thingie doesn’t work out for you, you could consider the logic of Ted Kacynski; another famous self declared atheist.

  6. Bob

    Okay, Wanna. Then you tell me a better way to think than the scientific, freethinker, questioning everything, method. I’d like to know.

  7. The other word I would use here is ‘enlightened’. As humans, most of us are raised in the same belief structure as our parents. It takes a certain level of enlightenment to rise above what you’ve been tought your whole life and question those beliefs. Some people will never reach that level of enlightment and will just continue the cycle. But many others are questioning religion and breaking free of its grip. I believe this is because of education.

    Religion was created to give the uneducated masses a framework for behavior and for explaining the unexplainable. Education and the ability to reason mitigates both of the these. As this planet continues to become more curious, educated, and enlightened, religion will continue to be marginalized.

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