Hell Is Really Funny

In one sense, from my field of economics, hell makes sense.   If a segement of the population in some ancient time did not behave, those in power could have killed them.  This would have been a high-cost solution because the labor of the misbehavors was needed to survive.  

They could have, and often did, enslave them.  But, slaves use up some labor because they require housing and need to be guarded.  American Indians adopted enemy members, including Danial Boone for a short period, and played with their heads until they eventually turned against their own tribes. 

In the Bible was a more efficient method.  Scare them with  mind games.  What could be a more feared source of pain than fire?  A cost effective way to make people fall into line with authorities was to threaten fire.  But, not in the present life where the guilty’s labor would be lost, but in the afterlife where is didn’t cost a thing.

Fortunately, for authorities, neither people in ancient times nor most today have thought through the ludicrous notion of “fire in hell”.  Literal fire requires fuel.  Does Exxon pipe in fuel?

And then,  no one has ever seen, touched or heard from a soul.  If souls did exist would not they be burned up or gased immediately by the literal fire?

Hell provided lots of material for the late comedian, George Calin.  Appart from comedy, and an economical way of controlling people, there is no point to it.

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    1. buffalogal 10:16 “…bet you didn’t agree with me!!” You stated your case well. To be honest, I don’t follow current political affairs and commentary as closely as I used to. Too many campaigns, too many meets & greets.

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