Here Is One Thing I Know About Politics

The Bible is full of stories.   Today, our take on the stories probably is different than the authors intended.  Stories work that way–people take away different things.  That’s why they work so well.

Politics is about story telling as well.  Watch as the next presidential candidates step forward.  You will see, while they say things about policy, a large part of their messages will be stories. 

They will tell stories of how they came to be successful in spite of great obstacles.  Any candidate who passes up the chance to tell such stories and, instead, focus’ on programs and policy only will disappear.

The story telling part of politics is why equal treatment of gays and gay marriage is making progress and why conservative opposition to them is not.  Advocates for gay rights have stories.

Suppose a church Board is meeting about whether to accept gays as equals in membership and clergy.  There is discussion about what the Bible does or does not mean, morals, hell and all the usual stuff.

One of the church’s most prominent ladies, a member for several decades, slowly rises to speak.  “My granddaughter, Becky, is a lesbian.  She is a child of God.  She cares for the sick, is raising a child, loves her partner and is a charished person in my life. I won’t stand here and take these insults to her and her friends. Let’s vote on it right here and now.”  

Opponents can quote from the Bible, but advocates have the stories.

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    1. Buffalogal 3:32 I think Michelle Bachman has a good story to tell. The front page news here in Iowa where I am today is that Bachman has not been in the State for a month, has no office and hardly any staff. They can’t figure out if she wants to win here. Sarah Palin had a good story to tell about what she did to the oil companies in Alaska. But, she changed her story to one demanded by conservative Republicans. I would say Mitt has a fairly good story, a business one. Main street and Wall Street like it.

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