Hearing From God About The Judeo-Christian Thing.

Albert Mohler  Jr. wrote that the wayward and flawed Anthony Weiner he should accept Jesus Christ.  Weiner is a Jew.

Albert Mohler is President of the Southern Baptist Seminary.  His view reflects that of the Southern Baptist Convention. 

In fact, in 1980, the Chair of the Southern Baptist Comvention said, “God Almighty does not hear the prayer of a Jew.”

Officials of the Southern Baptist Convention feel their theology is superior to that of the Jews.  They look down on them.

One of the prophecies in the Bible is for the destruction of the Jews.  Some pundits theorize those who urge Israel to hold a hard line against its advisaries hope this provokes attack.  The defeat of Israel would fulfill a great prophecy.  

Many of the Republicans running for President say God told them to seek the office.  One has to wonder what God told them to do about Israel,  destroy it or defend it? 

While the liberal United Church of Christ denomination has apologized for the right wing and seeks unity with the Jewish people, but the old-time religion marches on.

When a candidate hears God,  one has to wonder what else God said.

Many candidates speak of open government. I’ll believe they are for open government when one, who hears from God,  invites us all to listen in.

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  1. Wanna B Sure

    Yes Jon, one thing virtually all Christian “right wingers”, and fundamentalists have in common is what you are referring to. Some of the other features included in this are; the rapture, followed by a thousand year reign of Christ on earth. Apart from this, but a still closely related subject, is Christian Zionism. The political movement to facilitate the conditions of Israel (and the world), for “the coming of the Lord.” Evidently “the Lord” can’t do it without their help and timetable. I have mentioned this before, it is called dispensational premillienialism. (an concept unheard of before the mid eighteen hundreds. An interesting piece of presidential history is that it appears that every president from Truman forward with the exception of Kennedy subscribed to this concept. Especially Carter, followed by Reagen, Clinton, and the Busch boys. No one knows for sure where Oboma stands. The Mormons are considered to be millenialists also, but of a different strain, as are the Jeohvah’s Witnesses, following in the footsteps of Adventism.

    1. Wanna 12:35 Thanks for this review. It is scary to me Presidents believe this stuff. If we are just here for a temporary period, why worry about long-term consequences of what we do to he earth or each other.

  2. Matt Slocomb

    Specifically, what prophesy in the Bible discusses the destruction of the Jewish people? Ultimately, my understanding of scripture is that God will eventually restore the Jewish people when they acknowledge Lordship and Deity of Christ. Give me a reference. I’ll look for some to… and respond when I see your response.

    1. Matt 1:15 I have no reason to doubt you are correct. I should have said they are to be defeated, then restored when they see the light. They would be “destroyed” theologically or spiritually, but not physically. For myself, it is not an important piece of literature and does not matter much what it says.

  3. Wanna B Sure

    Jon; your refference to “old time religion”, made popular by the southern gospel movement, “Give Me That Old Tim Religion, song was not really that old. The song from the late 1800s was a nostalgic idea of revivalism from the great awakening, and popularized later as an anti-theme to the evolution proponents. So you see that the term was really a self validating pep rally camp song.

      1. Wanna B Sure

        I’m not so sure about phil Harris and the song as a unit, but I vividly remember Phil Harris and Allice Fay. The song however existed way earlier. The earliest date I just found for it was 1879. It said the melody was probably from an earlier Negro spiritual.

  4. .E

    Please don’t categorize me with any of the above. These interpretations of scripture are very new in terms of Christian history.

    They are false teaching and good folks like you tend to generalize to apply to all Christians.

    I tend to distrust all political candidates because they will always disappoint, either because their intentions were never pure or they lose their way because of the political nightmare in Washington.

    1. E. 1:26 I applaud you for being suspious of all political candidates. That is healthy. And, I’ve been one of those candidates many times. You are correct people like me tend to incorrectly generalize about Christians. I did note in this essay the ECC church disavows itself from the views of the Southern Baptist Convention. Other times I’m not as careful as I should be.

      1. entech

        Not being local I miss some references. Often pick them up with a bit of research but ECC Church has too many possibilities.
        Saw the original on Christian Post.

        1. Wanna, David 12:31 UCC, United Church of Christ. My daughter and family belong to one in Des Moines, IA, that Fred Phelps has picketed more than once because of their liberal views on gays. I go to it a few times a year, but don’t know what the “United” means.

          1. Wanna B Sure

            Jon; the term “United” was the result of the Evangelical &Reformed Church merging with the Congregational Christian Church back in the 50’s-60’s?. (“Reformed” in the context of some form of Calvinism, and “Congregational”, in the form of independent church polity.) (As I understand it).

  5. Most would like to believe that our politicians are our country’s finest and of the highest character. Across our country, all know that is far from the truth. Many are not intelligent, lack morals and ethics. Many have extreme views and their opinions are not given much attention. To most, their views are as yours – simply the extreme minority. The only thing that keeps them at the forefront is the media who know Americans crave the horrific and shocking and are addicted to these stories.

  6. .E

    Ok random comment. I am watching Hollywood Treasures on SyFy. A prop for the movie Willy Wonka (orig) everlasting gobstopper auctioned for $45,000. Crazy.

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