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“Why I Don’t Sing ‘The Star Spangled Banner.'”

That is the title of an article by Mark Schlonger, the Pastor of a Mennonite Church (CNN Blogs).  He also explained why the Mennonite’s college, Goshen (Indiana), does not play the national athem at its athletic events. “That’s because we … Continue reading

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Fear of Fire

There are many phobias.  Flying in airplanes is a common one.  Height is another. The disease, cancer, strikes fear in many.  A universial phobia is death in fire. When I was the local Mayor, I learned about the fire phobia.  I had read about cities where … Continue reading

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Hell is Really Funny

In one sense, from my field of economics, hell makes sense.   If a segement of the population in some ancient time did not behave, those in power could have killed them.  This would have been a high-cost solution because the labor of the misbehavors was needed to … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage:Entanglement of Church, Politics & Business

I was fortunate to have been a young adult during the civil rights and women’s equality periods.  It was exciting to read about them and experience first hand some aspects of those changes. Though I’m not gay, the gay rights experience has been even … Continue reading

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There Are Never Enough Books About Hell

Some readers may be interested in reading a lengthy interview with author, Edward Fudge, at With my limited interest in hell, I find it incredible someone like Fudge could have spent his life studying it. Apparently, there are numerous other people who … Continue reading

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Are Moral Values Declining?

All of my life, I’ve heard that moral values are headed south.   Not only have they been declining, it has been said, they are on the cusp of total decadence. It reminds me of driving to Central America with my wife years … Continue reading

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Hearing from God about the Judeo-Christian Thing.

Albert Mohler  Jr. wrote that the wayward and flawed Anthony Weiner he should accept Jesus Christ.  Weiner is a Jew. Albert Mohler is President of the Southern Baptist Seminary.  His view reflects that of the Southern Baptist Convention.  In fact, in 1980, … Continue reading

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Here is One Thing I Know About Politics

The Bible is full of stories.   Today, our take on the stories probably is different than the authors intended.  Stories work that way–people take away different things.  That’s why they work so well. Politics is about story telling as well.  Watch as the next … Continue reading

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Methodist Preachers Defy Church Authorities

Today I saw a newspaper account of several Methodist preachers who are thumbing their noses at the official position of their church.   They are not allowed to conduct marriages for gay couples.  Many are doing it anyway.  Many others have … Continue reading

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A Call for Intellectual Arguments by Apologists

A Priest, Robert Barron, wrote a column about how aggressive nonbelievers have become in books, comments and arguments.  He notes, correctly, they seem not content to remain silent as in past times. He warns Christians they are in for a battle and should arm themselves.  They, … Continue reading

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