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Memorial Day and Atheists in the Foxholes

I’ve always admired the veteran organizations who organize Memorial Day events and the people who came out to watch.  To give up their time on the first holiday of the summer is  admirable. I have not made it to this event for a … Continue reading

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Local Presbytaries can Keep the Caste System, Shun the Untouchables.

Our newspaper, the Fargo Forum, published a letter today from a local Presbyterian pastor.  I read his letter as a chilling endorsement of Christian right’s version of the caste system. Those who oppose ordaining gays, such as he himself and the majority of Presbyterian churches … Continue reading

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Marry Billy Graham and Martin Luther King

I was impressed with an article  on today. It is called, “Evangelical Social Gospel” by Tim Suttle. Suttle says the Christian message is divided into the personal gospel and the social gospel.  Billy Graham has personified the personal gospel.  That is where … Continue reading

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Politics, Religion and the “Truth”.

Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty focused on telling the “truth” during his recent annoucement.  Certainly, that is a noble thought. Good for him if he actually does this. This word, “truth”, must be an appealing one just now because a religious … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Sin Leader Board: Transgender

The other day, the President of Focus on the Family admitted that his ilk is losing the the battle against gay marriage.  Homosexuality is losing its appeal as a sin to bash.   Many of the sins that were important in my … Continue reading

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Sin and Hell; Joined at the Hip

It is just amazing how many new articles pop up every day about the new concept being preached by the “emerging church” about sin and hell.  This is the concept that being condemned to hell by sin is not permanent–that Jesus accepts us all. The … Continue reading

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Mayor, I’m Right About This. I Know I Am.

I was the Mayor of Fargo, ND, for 16 years.   I think people would be surprised at how often religion is what people want to discuss with a Mayor. I wish I could remember all the different topics that lead to these … Continue reading

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Covering Your Body for God

A server at a resturant yesterday had her head and neck covered.   Obviously, it had something to do with her religion. It got me to wondering why it is so imparative that in some religions, the man and woman’s heads must … Continue reading

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When the Minister has a Gay Kid

Anyone who has the interest in writing a book, here is a topic for you:  How do preachers and their spouses handle it when, on Sundays, the sermons is about the sinfulness of being gay, but their own child is gay? I knew a … Continue reading

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Help Wanted: If You Suvived May 21, Apply Within

This is an actual sign in the window of a local Mexican fast food place.  There is an idea floating around our Freethinker list serve that next time several of us will park our cars beside the Interstate, leave a … Continue reading

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