Stripes Do Change

In what we would call recent history, there was the time of slavery.  There were Christians at the time who said their faith endorsed the practice.  This is the truth, they said.  The truth will never change.

After slavery came segregation. The theological truth is that the races should not mix, they said.  The truth shall never change.  Then, it changed.

Then came women’s rights.  Faith, through the Bible, spells out the proper role of women.  They are to serve men. This was another truth that would never change.

Now apologists often say it was the church that led the way to all of these changes in values.  While there was a handful of people within the faith that changed early on, the Christian church in general,  stood against these changes.  In the case of women, parts of it still is opposed to equality.

I would guess that if you asked millions of Christians what the Church’s views on these issues was back in history, they would not realize the Church opposed these changes. They have been taught that the church was always for equal treatment of people and is today.  They have been told these moral values never change, even though they changed.

Today, the same thing is happening.  In a few decades, the anti gay part of Christianity will have mostly disappeared.  People will believe the church always approved of homosexuality.

And, they will also be taught that the true word never changes.

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  1. Brad Campbell

    “True word”…….anyone can give his own interruptation of anything and call it the “true word”.

    Is there a local imam in Fargo? Ask him why slavery is acceptable in Islam. It is still in practice today.

    Name me one part of the world or country that is predominately “Christian” that slavery is considered acceptable.

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