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Religion and the Sports Metaphor

Sometimes when we are having our lively debates here on this site, I’m reminded of a Sports Illustrated article I read several years ago. A sports writer was asking a veteren baseball pitcher about competing when near the end of his career.  The … Continue reading

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Should the Military Provide Atheist Chaplains?

A formal request has been made by some atheists in the military for atheist chaplains.  That is an interesting request with far-reaching consequences. A couple of Chaplains have commented about the request. One, an evangelical, said the military Chaplain is for … Continue reading

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“Don’t Say Gay,” Senate Bill 49

Here is one of the meanest anti-gay efforts to come along in a while.  This is a bill in the State Senate of Tennesse sponsored by Sen. Stacey Campfield of Knoxville.  If passed it would prohibit teachers from discussing sexual orientation, … Continue reading

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The New 51% Rule

The 51 percent I am referring to is not the same as “majority rules”.  This one refers to the afterlife. According to an article I read in today, 51 percent of the people in the world believe in life … Continue reading

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I’m Still Looking

With apologies to our international readers, I’m revisiting my hang up with a particular part of U. S. history.  It’s the part where many Christian apologists say the founding fathers meant for the U. S. to be a “Christian nation.” When I’ve raised … Continue reading

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Patroling the Line Between Church and State

Much has been said about the common goals shared by certain parts of the Christian church and the groups we would call generically, skeptics.  To be sure, they share view many of the same views as to what constitutes a … Continue reading

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Stripes Do Change

In what we would call recent history, there was the time of slavery.  There were Christians at the time who said their faith endorsed the practice.  This is the truth, they said.  The truth will never change. After slavery came … Continue reading

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Gay Students at Evangelical Universities

There was an article published recently by a writer who toured Evangelical Universities to find out if there are gay students there and what is happening around them.  He got an earfull. There are out gay students at all of them.  They are … Continue reading

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Christian Nationalism and Judge Roy Moore

That there is no boundary between the Christian religion and our national government is an ongoing theme among a significant number of people in the U. S.  The same folks who seem to frown on Muslim governments smile at the … Continue reading

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Black Atheists: Civil Rights was More Than Black Churches

The last issue of American Atheists featured several articles written by black people who looked into a world unseen by most of us.  It is the world of the American black citizen who is an atheist. I had not thought about how religion … Continue reading

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