Serve Up A Plate Of Generosity, Hold The Message

Perhaps some readers are old enough, like me, to remember that period of U. S. history called “The Ugly American”.  Perhaps there was a book with that title.  I do remember it was about U. S. behavior toward other countries and how that behavior resulted in an unfavorable image.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know everything there is to know about persuasion and salesmanship. Probably no one knows everything about it because it falls within the realm of art, not science. But, I think there are some nice rules to follow in most cases.

One is that when you are writing to someone, thanking them for a donation, don’t put another donar request and envelope in with the thank you card.

Another has to do with spreading influence and good will by our government.  That is, when we are doing good deeds in other countries, like when disastor strikes, let them know who sent the aid but don’t tell them  our captialism and democracy is better than whatever system they use.

In the case of  religion, I just read that Rick Warren is orgainizing aid to Japan, and trying to use the aid to convert the forlorn victums of the tragedy to Christianity.  My guess is that sending the aid without the message would bring move converts than forcefeeding people your religion.

Having said this, I need to find out if the atheist fund, established by Richard Dawkins, is including a message of nonbelief.  If it is, that should stop too.

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