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Gay Marriage: Time to Get Over It

This is not just my view, it is the view of a gentleman who is considered to be the leader of the religious right’s intellectual wing.   Dr. Albert Mohler’s remarks can be seen at  He is President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Mohler also … Continue reading

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The Most Politically Incorrect Word in the United States

There is a word almost never uttered by politicians.  It is seldom mentioned on the news or by pundants. It’s a word that raises hackles. The word is overpopulation.  The term implies some finite capacity of the earth to support humans.  The opposite of … Continue reading

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New in Your Hymnal, AULD LANG SYNE

The annual yearbook of church membership in the Unitied States was just published. Overall, church membership is down about one percent. Catholic membership rose by about one percent.  Pentacostal, Seventh Day Adventist and Jehovah’s Witness went up about two percent.  Southern Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian and United Church of Christ … Continue reading

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Name Calling: Nazi, Communist, Atheist

During my 30 years as a public person, here, I’ve been called many names.  I don’t mind it.  It’s part of the deal. Last week, I was called a new one here, a “closet gay-devil worshipper”.  I don’t know what … Continue reading

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Let’s Rewrite History: Hitler and Lenin

Let’s rewrite it back to what is was before it was rewritten.  Or, just rewrite it to fit my own bias.  You can decide. Hitler said he was a Christian.  Many pundants now say he was an atheist.  Mostly, he was … Continue reading

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Here’s What Really Worries Secular People

I think every secular person, be he atheist, agnostic or Christian for the separation of church and state, knows that it will be a long time, if ever, before all vestiges of religion are removed from governemt.  Things like God … Continue reading

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The Christian Right’s Short Sitedness

For several months, a Christian right group here in North Dakota has been trying to collect enough signatures to place on a ballet something called the Religious Liberty Restoration Ammendment.  The “right” does not seem to understand that this measure could … Continue reading

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Phone Me, Sinner

There has been much discussion on some websites about the new Catholic innovation, using the iPhone for confession.   This notion seems ridiculous at first.  But, one can see it must be, at least in part, a response to the shortage … Continue reading

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Listen to MY Prayer, Not That Other Person’s

In my professional field of economics, there is something called a Zero Sum Game.  It happens when the only way for one person to win is for another person to lose.  To leave the sum at zero, the gains and … Continue reading

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Are You Hearing Voices?

Recently, I was watching Pat Robertson.  I’ve often heard him say, “The Lord told me that…..”   There was never doubt that he had just gotten off the speakerphone with Jesus. But, this time he said very carefully, “I had the impression that the Lord was speaking … Continue reading

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