Faith Inflation And The Marketplace For Religion

We know the Christian faith and other faiths offer an afterlife.   Could it be there will be “price cutting” among the faiths–each offering up a better salvation and a lower price to get in?  It’s already happening.

The Muslim faith offers a good deal to men who want to blow themselves up.  It is many virgins in the afterlife.  I don’t know if they have a comparable offer for gay men.

Recently, what is called the  “emerging church” has lowered the price of entry.  If offers salvation to everyone, regardless of their sinful past.  Since all of us do at least a little sinning, this lower price on a ticket to heaven would be attractive.  Young people are buying up this offer and finding homes in these emerging churches.

All of this price cutting makes one curious as to why the percentage of people who drop out of the market entirely is growing?  Those are nonbelievers, the most rapidly growing segement of the “faith” population. 

I have my suspicions why this is happening.  It is a quality control issue. 

Concepts of an afterlife are based on something written a couple thousand years ago by people who believed the world was flat. Customers expect an updated product today. 

And, when the price is a requirement that one believes gays ruin straight marriages and women do not have brains enough to make moral decisions on their own, potential customers just walk away.

P.S. Thanks to all my blog readers from Bismarck who came to my talk today. It was fun to meet you.