Pat Robertson Turns Liberal

I often watch Pat Robertson’s “700 Club” just to see what his thinking is about events that come along.  Every once in a while he provides some a big surprises.

After the Haiti earthquake, he said it was punishment from God for some deal the Haitian people made with the Devil.  It is obvious he believes there is an actual Satan and God and claims to know exactly what they are up to.  He is not at his best when he speaks about imaginary beings.

Where he is at his best is making money for himself by fitting his religious views neatly inside profitable enterprises.  He is worth watching to learn where these opportunities are and how he must adjust his views to make them work.  

All this is what makes his comments on the “700 Club” this week about marijuana so interesting.  He said our prisons are full of young people who committed small infractions involving marijuana. They go into prisons as ordinary young people and come out criminals.  The prison sentences are not slowing drug use, he noted. 

He mentioned three times, as I recall, how expensive this prison solution is.  The expense seemed to be more important to him than the injustice of small crimes generating long sentences. 

Robertson’s remarks and the repeal of DADT made this a good week for rational thinking.

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  1. So true. Can you imagine if a gay serviceman was found smoking marijuana and sentenced to 10 years in prison? The good Reverend’s head would explode.

  2. Dan

    This is a very old story. Did you DVR this episode? You failed to mention that he retracted this statement soon after he made it. I don’t watch the 700 Club but I’m sure it is just like most other OPINIONATED shows. He should be allowed to practice free speech just like any other show. Also, since I am a Capitalist, I do not see any problem with a person making money from their show. Look at Opra & Keith Overbite from MSNBC. Lastly, you pointed out several issues that you are opposed to. Anyone can point out something they don’t agree with but it is more difficult to offer a solution…One that everyone agrees with. We could both probably agree that no one will ever come up with a solution/idea that everyone agrees with. But that sould never hinder debate nor give reason for another person to ridiclue another for attempting to seek a solution. Everyone has an opinion. I respect yours and I would hope that you respect mine. Thanks.

    1. Dan–Thanks for the comment. I looked up several sites, including cbn, and could not find any place where Pat has retracted his statement on pot. I’m not saying you are incorrect, I just haven’t see it. He has retracted many other statements. On his making money from his Christian enterprises, you are correct that that is his right. I pointed it out because I believe Pat is a good predictor of changes in the evangelical community to come. He had mixed race couples on before others. I think it helped his bottom line–and it was a good thing to do. Now, he is concerned about his taxes, so he wants to eliminate the pot prison sentences. That is a good thing also.

    2. Dan–I checkded this story out again. It is not “a very old story”. It happened last week and I can find no retraction–maybe you could help by locating it. Thanks.

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