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Monthly Archives: December 2010

“Intolerant, Judgemental, Hypocritical & Homophobic.” Who could that be?

Someone says Christians are seen this way.  Who said it?  It was another Christian. A Texan named Brad White has started a group called Changing the Face of Christianity. His view is that Christians are seen by secular society as intolerant, judgemental, hypocritical and homophobic. His group is holding seminars on how Christians can shake being viewed in these negative … Continue reading »

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Is This the Second Reformation?

Generally speaking, the reformation is considered to be the time when the protestant church was born.  I say generally, because it was a complex time.  Many things were changing.  Today, times are complex as well.  There is one thing that appears indisputable.  People are leaving the organized church in large numbers. I’ve been reading some solutions on Christian … Continue reading »

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Martin Luther Would not Like Today’s Evangelicals

It has to do with what is called “reason”. When I read about who Luther was, the life he lived and his views on things, I see a person very much like the pastors and priests I am most admire.  They, like Luther, are intellectuals and are able to separate their own emotional feelings about religion … Continue reading »

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Martin Luther’s Big Mistake

Anyone who knows the smallest amount of the history knows about Martin Luther.  He is either seen as a hero, by some protestants, or, as a corrupting force that left behind the true faith, by some Catholics. Luther made his name by criticizing the Pope in the 1500’s.  His writings spread far and wide because of the newly invented … Continue reading »

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Is Your Pastor/Priest an Authority about Anything?

My answer to that question is an enthusiastic YES.  The clergy are people with experience in areas where many of us are lacking.  I have learned a great deal from the Pastors of churches we have belonged to and the Pastors and Priests I’ve known. The things Pastors know the most about, in my experience, is in … Continue reading »

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Pope Should Celebrate DADT Repeal

I’m not a Catholic, but I read this little item today that pleased me. It was a phrase from The Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2358, that set forth the church’s view on the treatment of gay people:  “They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.  Every sign of unjust discrimination should be avoided.” Here, there … Continue reading »

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Pat Robertson Turns Liberal

I often watch Pat Robertson’s “700 Club” just to see what his thinking is about events that come along.  Every once in a while he provides some a big surprises. After the Haiti earthquake, he said it was punishment from God for some deal the Haitian people made with the Devil.  It is obvious he believes there … Continue reading »

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Sometimes Men of the Church Seem Medieval

When I read about the Old Testiment advocacy of stoning to death children who disrespect their parents or women who are unfaithful,  I know it was men who made these decisions.  I am glad we do not live in those times.  Yet, when I read about the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, Ariz0na, I’m not so … Continue reading »

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Moral Majority, Where Have You Gone?

This past week there were two bills the religious evangelical community had weighed in on.  One it wanted passed, the other defeated. They lost both. One was better known, the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal.  Evangelicals pulled out all the stops on that one. But they lost anyway.  It seemed as if the members of Congress … Continue reading »

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Christmas for the Faithful: Best of Times, Worst of Times

So much is written about a “blue” Christmas. A church I have attended in Des Moines is even having a special service for people who are blue. Little is written about the conflicted feelings expressed by the faithful themselves.  Yet, there are two difference feeings in front of us daily during every Christmas season. For Christians, … Continue reading »

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