Finally, A God For Me?

Religious scholars have long noted that when people worship a god, they say the god is much like themselves.  Those of us who are skeptical suspect that all gods are made up in people’s minds.  Therefore, it is stands to reason that anyone’s favorite god will be a lot like himself/herself.  We see this in the many images of Jesus who is white in this country, black in others and brown skinned where that is the norm.

The 11/29/10 New Yorker has an article about the god, Maitreya. He is the uniting god which will bring together all the disparate gods we humans worship.

 About 30 years ago, a prophet predicted that Maitreya would leave his secret location high in the Hemalayas to walk among us.  The prophet has heard the voice of Maitreya and says Maitreya is now living here in disguise, awaiting the “Day of Declaration”.  

The prophet described what Maitreya looks like and what he does to maintain his disguise.  Devoted followers have sifted through the prophet’s clues, trying to find Maitreya in human form.  And, now they are certain they have found Him. 

He is Raj Patel who lives in California.  The reason he seems like my kind of god is that he is, like me, an economist. If I were to conjure up a god in my mind, it would be an economist for certain.

The problem is that Professor Patel, who gets tons of email pleading that he reveal himself as the true Maitreya, insists he is not.  He is an atheist.

Alas, my search for a god that reflects me seems to be in vain.

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  1. TheTruthIsFromGod

    Raj Patel is Maitreya. Maitreya, aka the Antichrist, is supposed to be a fake atheist, because he believes in God and Satan but he prefers Satan. In order to better obey his Master (Satan), he claims he’s an atheist in order to better lose the people:

  2. As there is no proof for or against the existence of a god, if one is to take a position, it is a position based on faith that there either is or is not a god. Again, there is no proof either way. God is the absence of proof as atheism is the absence of proof…hence a faith position.
    Both positions are in the extreme. To stridently claim that there is no god or to claim that there is a god is to decide on a fixed position without any rational support for that position. Both can be considered honest positions, but void of a rational or reasonable foundation.

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