Experts On Sin

A couple of experts on sin have weighed in recently.  One is a pastor from New Jersey. The other is the Pope.

The New Jersey pastor ordered all of his church employees to cancel their FaceBook accounts.  The pastor’s career as an expert on sin were dashed when it was revealed that he had had an affair with a person other than his wife–happened to be a gentleman.

The Pope had something to say, again, about birth control. This time it was about condom use.  I assume there is a large staff of Vatican employees doing research and advising the Pope about the sinfulness of birth control.  If I were a Catholic, I’d think use of my money for this would be as productive as burning it in a bonfire.

A few years ago, I recall watching Pat Robertson say that not all rock and roll music was sin.  The sinful music was that with a heavy bass beat. If there is ever a Hall of Fame for Sin Experts, Pat will be in there.

While I don’t call it sin, I’ll offer my own “expert opinion” on behavior we should all avoid.  It’s behavior that harms ourselves and the lives and property of others.  Here, the others include generations to come.

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  1. jschoena

    Maybe the Catholic church really is going to start trying to change with the times. Starting with accomidations for Catholic gigolos I guess.

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