HishonordaMayor Wants Ten Commandments

The Mayor of Cape Coral, Florida, has a few fans for his idea to put up a Ten Commandments monument on City property.  The problem is that he does not have enough fans, and, those that he has are quite far off the mark: 


The Mayor, John Sullivan, gave credit to citizen, Dick Kalfus, for coming up with the idea.  The trouble started when citizen Kalfus said he saw the 10C displayed in the Supreme Court.  Kalfus was not accurate here. They are not actually displayed there.  There is a “likeness”, but the text is missing. 

Citizen Kalfus said displaying the Ten Commandments would lay out a “moral blueprint”.   Yes, it would be good to tell people not to steal and honor their parents should anyone not have heard of this before.  But, do we want wives put into the category of property like oxen and asses as they are in the “covet” commandment? I’d question that as a moral blueprint.

Someone else in Cape Coral said the 10C would provide a “path for the City to follow to economic recovery”.   The only thing I can think of that has to do with economic recovery is the thou shalt worship only one god. It would save money to worship only one god instead of several.

In any event, a majority of the Cape Coral City Council declined to endorse the Mayor’s proposal.  If any resident of Cape Coral wants to read the Ten Commandments, he can see them at Wikipedia.

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