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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Finally, a God for Me?

Religious scholars have long noted that when people worship a god, they say the god is much like themselves.  Those of us who are skeptical suspect that all gods are made up in people’s minds.  Therefore, it is stands to reason that anyone’s favorite god will be a lot like himself/herself.  We see this in the … Continue reading »

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Why Do People Do Good Deeds?

This is a topic hotly debated between believers and nonbelievers.  Christian author, Chad Meister, argued recently that to do the right thing morally, there needs to be an authority on moral behavior that people agree upon.  Without this authority, there can be no morally correct behavior because we will not know what it is. Meister … Continue reading »

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Atheists, Get Out of Our Christian Country

I’ve had it said to me in person and in print many times, “The United States is a Christian country.  If you don’t like that, move to some other country.” It is interesting to speculate what the United States would be like if all the nonbelievers and serious skeptics were forced to leave the country.  … Continue reading »

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Grow the Church: Drop the Anti Gay Marriage

The site, Christian, has articles most days on the falling number of young people identifying themselves as “Christian”.  Lot’s of ideas are tossed out there.  Mostly, the articles just say that the Church should shout it’s message louder.  Then young people would get it. I think the major problem for the Christian faith is opposition to gay marriage. … Continue reading »

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Airport Screening and the Clock of Life

The airport screening controversy brought to mind another version of our society’s inconsistant views on what I call the “Clock of Life”.  I use this term because the computer which screens language for these posts does not tolerate use of the terms we usually use.  It should not be difficult to figure out what I am … Continue reading »

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Why do People Lose Their Faith?

The folks who link up with Freethinkers hold a variety of views about faith.  Almost to a person, they are skeptics.  Many say they just see no evidence of a super natural being, after life, or, any of the other things that people of faith may find self evident. Some Freethinkers don’t ever remember having experienced … Continue reading »

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Experts on Sin

A couple of experts on sin have weighed in recently.  One is a pastor from New Jersey. The other is the Pope. The New Jersey pastor ordered all of his church employees to cancel their FaceBook accounts.  The pastor’s career as an expert on sin were dashed when it was revealed that he had had an affair … Continue reading »

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Thank You, God, for Not Making Me Woman nor Slave

This is an ancient prayer recited by Jewish men.  Some, who teach about the Torah, explain that the Torah is very respectful of women and there are other ways of interpreting this phrase. Another way to say it, so the instruction says, is, “Thank you, God, for making me part of mankind and free.”  That would … Continue reading »

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All Divorce is Caused by Gay Marriage

Who could believe such  an a thing?  But, some do.  Now, the same nutcases have another thing to blame on gay marriage.  People are getting married less. Today’s news carried a story that the public is less interested in  marriage than it was just a few years ago.  What is called “marriage”, of course, has changed over time and … Continue reading »

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HishonordaMayor wants Ten Commandments

The Mayor of Cape Coral, Florida, has a few fans for his idea to put up a Ten Commandments monument on City property.  The problem is that he does not have enough fans, and, those that he has are quite far off the mark: The Mayor, John Sullivan, gave credit to citizen, Dick Kalfus, for coming … Continue reading »

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