What’s The Rx For Christianity?

Poll numbers keep reflecting the same thing.  The group of people who identify themselves are practicing Christians has stopped growing.  The group who identifies themselves as nonbelievers is the fastest growing section of the faith spectrum.  Why is this?

One explanation I read recently is the focus on consumerism.  That is, owning and enjoying things is contrary to the old austerity message of Christianity. Young people today do not see themselves as relating to this message.

Another explanation seems more powerful to me.  It is technology, i. e., the computers you and I are looking at.  I recall about 20 years ago, columnist George Wills wrote that this little box had changed the political thinking of young people at that time.  The personal computer lead them away from government as a souce of success in their lives and toward the view that they, themselves, held the power to control their own future. Wills used that  as an explanation for young people voting conservative at that time. 

The computer may also have empowered them to seek challenges to the other outside source of well being their parents believed in, the Almighty.  At their finger tips is a powerful myth-busting machine.

The sense of community has also been changing.  Whereas, generations of Americans have used their chruch and its other members as a source of friendship and support, the new generation goes on line to find like minded people.  Why sit through an uninspiring sermon when there is a lively on line conversation you can tap into immediately?

So, here’s something to pass along to every preacher you know.   Christianity’s real enemy is the computer.  Smash it with a hammer and you have slayed the Devil.

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    1. Carolyn–Kidding about killing Saton by smashing computers? Well, yes, I’m kidding. There is no Saton or Devil. But, stopping the growth of secularism by smashing computers? It seems to me that the computer is the “the enemy”, the “Great Saton”. If true believers want to use government to advance their cause, they should elect people who will stop computer use instead of wasting their time on gay marriage.

  1. I was actually told off by someone on Area Voices when I told him that the number of Christians was shrinking. He refuses to believe it. He down and out threw a two year old’s tantrum over it.

    My mother is a full blown Episcopalian, and she refuses to even believe that I am an atheist. Every time i talk to her she tells me to pray for so and so. It gets pretty annoying. She won’t use a computer. I think it’s because she is afraid to learn the truth…

  2. Interesting comments. As a “believer” I have no interest in the government advancing my cause. I do have an interest in honest government, whatever that might be! No, you do not have to be a Christian or believer (we all believe in something) to be honest. As to StormChaser’s mother…. give her a break. As we age it becomes harder to change, harder to think freely, harder to accept what has always seemed unacceptable. She did raise a Free Thinker, did she not?

    1. Actually, She raised me to be a christian. I gave up Christianity after I had moved out of her house. She had nothing to do with that. She still fights me over it.

  3. Jason Schoenack

    There must be something somewhere in one of the bibles that can be cherry-picked and twisted into a condemnation of computers/technology.

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