Please, No Yoga In Here!

In today’s Wall Street Journal was an article about two religious leaders who are urging their followers not to practice yoga.  One was the Pope. The other was an authority on theology in the Southern Baptist Church.

As I understand it, both of these authorities see something evil in using the body as an entrance to the spiritual state.  Whether its a sin to get in touch with the Almighty in this relaxed and meditative state, or, that you are having a phony visit with Him when you get there, I’m not sure.  In any event, if you are a Catholic or a Southern Baptist, no Yoga.

Actually, I’m a little concerned about Yoga myself.  You see, part of my social life involves nonbelievers.  We get together and yak and laugh about things–I really enjoy that. 

But what if all my nonbeliever friends took up yoga and opened the door to spirituality?  They might take up with some Hindu god or whatever, and, poof, they won’t need me any more. 

 Perhaps they might think they had become Catholics or Southern Baptists when they really were not because they came into port on the wrong ship.  That would not help  me because I would have missed the ship altogether.

If you need to relax and get yourself into a great state of mind, don’t try to get there through your body.  There are substances that go right to your head, but we won’t discuss them here.

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2 Responses to Please, No Yoga In Here!

  1. Carolyn says:

    Reading, smiling, chuckling.

  2. Avatar of Jon Lindgren Jon Lindgren says:

    patriot13–Yes, of course, it’s wonderful for many reasons, including weight loss, I understand. I was not making light of yoga.

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