I Love Chaos

The topic of chaos is a favorite in my field of economics.  The chaos of the market is supposed to bring to the top the best combination of products and prices.

But, chaos is really everyone’s favorite topic.  Getting rid of chaos, that is.  Politicans, businesses and religion all market themselves as the ones who can rid your life of chaos and the uncertainty that goes with it.  Even the ever present concept of “strategic planning” seems to have as its goal the elimination of chaos.

In reality, as I see it, very little progress, or, even no progress has been made in eliminating chaos.  The authors of the Bible tried to explain where we came from and where we are going after we die.  Of couse, they knew nothing about either topic but have been extremely successful at marketing the Bible and its ideas for ending chaos. 

That is not to say my own field of economics has been successful either.  Before the 1930’s, no economist or politican said we could eliminate economic chaos.  The notion that economic chaos could be elimatate started during the depression and goes on today.  Yet, we cannot predict the end of the current problem.

Freethinkers have trouble selling their views that no one knows just where the universe came from and that know one has shown that there is life after death.  Religions have a more appealing product to sell. 

If I were  to offer advice, it would be this.  Invest in chaos.  Good things come from it.

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  1. Brad Campbell

    Interesting……”Invest in chaos, good things come from it”…..

    Well, every person has some type of “chaos”…..it is called life. For some, religion is that avenue that takes that “chaos” out of it.

    Where did the universe come from?…..Freethinkers do not know. For me it is easy…God created the universe. Can I prove that he did? No….I have something that answers that question…..faith.

    Is Faith something that is “foreign” to you. Does a freethinker needs scientific proof to approve or disprove a thought-theory-hypothesis?

    My Christian religion gives me Faith and that Faith takes away the so called chaos in my life…….

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