Atheists Don't Have No Songs

That’s the title of a new song written and performed by Steve Martin.  Yes, that’s Steve Martin the comedian.

Martin’s new interest is performing music professionally. He tours with the Deep  Canyon Rangers, a blue grass group.

I happen to be a big blue grass fan and listen to it at every opportunity.  One of my own little private interests in popular music is listening for themes and trying to determine what themes are most popular.  In “folk music”, by which I will here use the 60’s definition, there are all kinds of themes, religion, anti religion, love, politics and on and on. 

In country music, religion themes are popular, but the drinkin’ and cheatin’ are worked in, either to enhance, but sometimes to reject, a religious message.

But in bluegrass music, to target is dead on  Christian religion.  It seems like maybe a fourth or  fifth of  the songs have deep Jesus themes.  That’s what makes Steve Martin’s “Atheists Don’t Have No Songs” so funny.  It’s bluegrass.  If you want to hear the song, go to UTube and enter “Steve Martin Atheist Song”.

If nonbelief has made it into bluegrass, it’s everywhere.

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  1. My Friend posted that on his Facebook the end of August and I took it as an insult…. I didn’t know he was a comedian, and I didn’t listen to it. Guess I should have!

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