Why Freethinkers Soldier On

Once in a while, I reflect on our project to get the Ten Commandments removed from their location on public property.  I review the reasons we are devoting so much time and money to a project very few people in the community care about.  Most people have not seen the stone and don’t care whether it goes or stays.  Advocates of the stone staying where it is believe they represent the majority’s view in the community.  They may well be correct.  But, there has never been a city-wide vote.

Today I was reminded again why we believe the stone, located on City property, containing the message that we should believe in the Christian God and no other God, should be moved to private property.  I read a brief review of the comments of the man who led Germany into World War II.  In order to side-step the spam software here, I’m going to spell his name this way, A-duff Hit-lear.  I’ll refer to him as A. H.

In the 1930’s A. H. was asked why his Party was not one of socialism.  A. H. replied that there is no need to socialize the economy. It is easier, he said, to socialize the people.

How this is done, his political message chief, Joseph Goebbels said, is to divide up the message into small parts and repeat each part over and over again.  Soon, the public will accept it as being self evident. 

Poitical elements in our country that continue to use the techniques of A. H.  There was a period of time when most people in the U. S. thought there was a link between 9/11 and Iraq. It was repeated often.

Then, there is the permanent effort to socialize the American public into the view that this is a “Christian Nation”.   This was not true when the Nation was founded.  It is not true today.  Nevertheless, it is repeated many time each day. One place you will find it repeated is on the lawn of Fargo’s City Hall. 

We Freethinkers refuse to be socialized by our Government.  That’s why we soldier on against the City’s Christian message on the Ten Commandments.