The Theological Morph

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America has changed its views on gay clergy.  The evangelical church I grew up in now thinks dancing is OK.  Early Christian churches in the U. S. thought salvery was Biblically based.

Churches have morphed along with the general society, changing their views as time and attitudes have changed.  This is as it should be.  A cross section of the general society provides the money to keep chruches going. 

What have atheist been doing while these churches have been changing their minds?  Atheists have been doing the same thing.  Atheists among the founding fathers, at least the one we know most about, Thomas Jefferenso, believed in slavery just like the church people of that time.  

So the two groups, believers and nonbelievers, more or less followed the same path in the change of moral and ethical views.  But, they were different in one respect.  Atheists did not attribute the new views to a better understanding of what God wanted them to believe.  I suppose you would say they just figured is out by themselves.

Believers are just as smart as nonbelievers.  My personal guess is that, actually, they figured it out by themselves as well.  It just does not seem like the church is necessary to figure out what is moral and what is not.