Why Does The Church Miss The Moral High Ground?

One of today’s big newspaper stories is about this region’s Catholic Bishops sending out video discs with the admonition that the faithful should oppose gay marriage.

Here we have a set of people, gays, who through no choice of their own have some trait that makes them different from the majority.  The Church’s response is to punish them.  This is not a moral relativeism. This is the moral low  ground, absolutely.

Actually, it is not hard to understand how Christian Church leaders land on the moral low ground so often.  They are trained by the Bible.  God takes the moral low ground often in that book.  He drowns everyone except Noah and his family.  He murders often.

We’ve seen various parts of the Chruch  fight equal treatment of races and women. The current target is gays.  It’s all starts with the Bible.

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