The Hypothetical Hindu

“Hey, Lindgren,” the older guy at the lawnmower shop said, “What have you got against the Ten Commandments?”

“What I have against the Ten Commandments on public property is that they say you have to worship the one God, the Christian God.  Not everyone in Fargo is a Christian” I replied.

“But that’s the American God. If you don’t like it, move to another country.”

“Look, if a baby is born in Fargo in Hindu parents, she will probably be a Hindu.  She will be an American citizen, right?”

He stopped to think for a moment.  “Yea. I guess that’s the rule. I guess she would be.”

“And, she will pay taxes just like you and I.  She should not have to put up with that Commandment.” I said.

He said he liked it when people paid taxes instead of using taxes. I agreed.

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  1. Tracy Briggs

    Great story! I also enjoyed your last post on the ELCA in Hawley. This is a great blog! Interesting topics for discussions.

    1. Thanks Tracy. I’ve been trying to request you as a friend but can’t figure out how to do that. I was on a talk show tonight with Al Amodt and asked about you. He told me about you change of jobs.

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