Demon Of The Day

Religion, at least the fundamentism branch of the Christianity, loves demons.  I’ve often thought we should name our decade after the favorite Christian demon of that decade, instead of “the 70’s” or “the 90’s”.

After WWII the demon was the “communists”.  They were seen as monolithic–united in one mindset to take over the world.  But, of course, they were not  monolithic and could not have taken over the world if they had been united in that goal.  That was a good period for Christianity.  Lots of money was raised and the Christian religion was pushed into the U. S. government in ways that had not existed before. It was stamped on coins, inserted into the Pledge and plunked down on public property in the form of the Ten Commandments.  Where has all that gone?  It evaporated.

 The black race was also a demon for much of that period. Black men were seen to be natural predators of white women.  Black people were portayed as not smart and unclean.  There were dozens of bill introduced in Congress to prevent integration and intermarriage.  This, too, was  great for Christianity.  Churches, and certain passages in the Bible, held that it was only the Christian religion that stood between a noble society and the threat that black people represented.  Whoops.  That was a mistake, too.

Certainly, the two decades from 1990 to 2010 were the decades when the demon was the homosexual.  Gays were first the reason for AIDS.  Then they were a threat to straight marriage.  Gays were a threat because, like the communists and blacks, they were of one mind to take over our society and reduce it to den of sin. And, like the communists and blacks, the gay demon seems to have served its purpose and will soon be left behind like the others.

What’s next? A new demon is needed to keep the faithful coming to church and voting the “right way”.  Not to  worry.  The new one has already been named and is well on the way to being a very successful choice.  The muslims.  Even though anyone paying the least bit of attention can see that muslims are divided into many branches which disagree with each other, they are portrayed within certain segements of Christianity as united with the objective of destroying our society.  The message is identical to the others which now reside in the dustbin of history.

The process of creating demons and using them for political and religious ends goes on for one reason.  It works.