What Are The Great Human Emotions?

I don’t know the answer to this question.  There must have been thousands of articles written about this in the popular press and in scholarly publications.

One is feeling alone, or, not connected to those nearby.  I’ve worked some in the world of gays and in the world of nonbelievers.  It seems like both worlds are heavy with a loss the what we might call “community”.  Those that are “out” to their friends and families sometimes find they have lost both.  Thus, they  search for some kind of  a community to replace these most common ones.

The Red River Freethinkers are working with a national organization which specializes in helping nonbelievers find a “community”.  This organization has both the money and expertise to do the following: (a.) Unite the various nonbeliever and skeptic groups into one unbrella group.  In this way, there are  several options for anyone wishing to find likeminded friends. (b.) Advertise this united group to the public  so people who might think  themselves alone learn that others like them are nearby.

I think some people in our region will be unhappy with the advertising that goes with this program.  I hope they understand that while churches advertise to reach people in need of a church, and this is a good thing to do, nonbelievers need also to advertise to help this constituency find its home.

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