An Old Bogus Argument

Yesterday, I was a guest on a talk radio show. The host wanted to engage in an argument about the merits of moving the Ten Commandments monument now located on Fargo’s City Hall grounds. The host brought up an old argument about the separation of church and state. “The Constitution does not mention separation of church and state. Therefore, the argument you people make is not based on the historical intentions of the Founding Fathers. Further, the Constitution says the goverment shall make no laws establishing a national religion. Congress has not made such a law. So, you guys are off base.”
I always respond to this argument by saying I believe we should follow the Constitution. When the Founding Fathers said “no law establishing a religion” that what they meant was, “no law”. A law which permits and funds advertising one religion over another is establishing a religion. That’s just what the Founding Fathers said we should not do.
It was typical that when I said this, the host changed the subject.

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  1. What is the name of the law which both permits and funds the existence of the Ten Commandments monument on the Fargo City Hall grounds?

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