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What's Up His Sleeve?

I used to know what was on President Obama’s sleeve.  I don’t see it anymore.  So, I’m wondering, what is up his  sleeve? I’m talking about his faith.  When he was a Senator and seeking the Democratic Party nomination, he often chastised … Continue reading

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Demon of the Day

Religion, at least the fundamentism branch of the Christianity, loves demons.  I’ve often thought we should name our decade after the favorite Christian demon of that decade, instead of “the 70’s” or “the 90’s”. After WWII the demon was the “communists”.  They … Continue reading

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A Career of Swimming Upstream

Before his retirement in 2000, author John Shelby Spong was the Episcopal Bishop of Newark. His career and popularity skyrocketed when he was asked by a Rabbi how Christians are able to put three people into one.  According to what … Continue reading

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What are the great human emotions?

I don’t know the answer to this question.  There must have been thousands of articles written about this in the popular press and in scholarly publications. One is feeling alone, or, not connected to those nearby.  I’ve worked some in the … Continue reading

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Believers & Nonbelievers at Death's Door

Our local Hospice organization is holding a conference on October 5.  Included in the program will be a panel of people representing what is termed “faith groups”.  Each will discuss attitudes toward death of people belonging to that faith group.  Included  … Continue reading

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An Old Bogus Argument

Yesterday, I was a guest on a talk radio show. The host wanted to engage in an argument about the merits of moving the Ten Commandments monument now located on Fargo’s City Hall grounds. The host brought up an old … Continue reading

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